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Protection of Intellectual Property is a significant factor affecting the growth of a startup and we understand how important it is to create something new and then protect it from unauthorised use. We strongly believe that young creative minds are the drivers of an innovative future, and we want to provide you the support that you need to make this journey.


Formal Protection

We will conduct a full analysis for your invention to ensure what kind of formal protection is right for you. If patenting is the way forward, we will help you at all stages, right from penning your idea down, to applying for a patent, its commercialisation and renewals and ensure the safeguarding of your invention through its whole lifetime.

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Our capabilities

There are other ways in which we can strategise the protection of your ideas, know-how and capabilities, which may not be possible through the above listed formal methods of protection.


Technical and legal advisory to help you protect your invention and ideas from initial inception through to formal protection.

 Basic Agreements 

Basic agreements for clients, contractors and investors:

  • Non-disclosure / Confidentiality agreements;

  • Privacy Policies (with advisory regarding GDPR compliance);

  • Terms of service;

  • Agreements governing the terms of any projects you choose to undertake for various clients.


Strategising protection of IPR created by you and assistance in obtaining  formal protection for your IPR.

 Specialised Agreements 

Specialised agreements such as:

  • IP Ownership agreements;

  • Licensing agreements;

  • Contractual Work agreements.


Planning to aid with commercialisation:​

  • Monetisation of intellectual property;

  • Strategy and implementation of monetisation process;

  • Go-to-market strategy.


We can, if you ask us to, negotiate on your behalf with investors and contractors in order to protect your interests and we have the capability of protecting your interests and implementing strategies that suit your needs by providing efficient and reliable advice.

College Campus
College Campus

Our university offering

Incredible ideas are being created by students across universities. We want to help bring those ideas to life by working alongside universities to help students understand how to protect their intellectual property.

Read our offering below for more details.

Understanding IP is critical to promoting innovation

Our proposition for universities

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